Translation Agency Atrenda offers the following services:
· Translation
· Interpreting
· Proofreading

Areas of translation:
· Medicine
We have a long experience in translating summaries of product characteristics, package leaflets (according to QRD Human Product Information Templates for centrally registered medicinal products in EU), information sheets for clinical trial participants (including their back-translations), as well as medicine-related scientific articles and advertising material.

· Law and economy
We translate contracts, accounting documents and other legal documents.

· Documents
We offer the translations of birth, marriage and divorce certificates, diplomas and various other documents. We can also get the translations notarised if needed.

· Manuals
We have translated various user manuals of medical equipment, household appliances, professional tools, etc.

· Advertising material
We help translate the promotional material and package information of different products.

All of our translations are done by people who are highly qualified specialists with excellent language skills or philologists with special training and long translating experience. When we need to specify terminology, we seek help from specialists of specific area. One translator can translate approximately five pages a day but when placing an order you should keep in mind that the translator who could provide you with the best translation might be busy with the previous order. Therefore, we can tell you the exact date when your translation will be ready after we have received your order.