Please send us an e-mail (atrenda[at] containing the following information:
· Contact person
· Company name
· Phone number
· Short description of the text to be translated (source and target language, field of translation, volume, expected deadline)
· If available, supporting material (terminology, similar texts and translations)

Please also add an attachment with the text to be translated in a suitable format (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat).

The price is calculated based on completed translation.
The standard length of one page is 1800 characters.

Our minimum charge is for at least half a page.

How the price is calculated?

We recommend that you send us the text that needs to be translated beforehand. So we can make you a price offer and specify all the details that our calculation is based on.

When the text to be translated is in a digital form, you can use various text editing programmes (e.g. Microsoft Word) to see the length of text in characters. If you open a document using MS Word, select Tools (new version: Review), then Word Count and from there Characters with Spaces gives you the exact length of the text. The length of one standard page is 1800 characters. Our price calculations are based on the standard page length. Remember that we base our calculations on completed translations.

Why the price for translation service is sometimes higher than estimated?

While calculating the price for translation service, you should keep in mind that in the case of translating texts into another language they might lengthen significantly – even by 20-30%. This usually happens when translating into German or Russian. As we charge for completed translation, the estimated price could be somewhat lower than the final price. The final price can also depend on the speed of providing the service and in some exceptional cases on the difficulty of text.