Translation Agency Atrenda was established in 1995 to offer high quality translation services to the companies located in South Estonia. During the years our reach has considerably expanded. Now we have clients from all over Estonia and abroad.

We offer translations from and into Estonian, English, German, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian and other European languages. In addition to the service provided in our office, we communicate with our clients via e-mail, fax or post.

A large amount of the translations we provide are medicine-related and therefore the medical area of translation is one of our main priorities. At the same time we also focus on translating texts related to technology and economy and legal documents. All our translators are highly qualified specialists. Our translation agency also provides notarised translations of various documents.

Since August 2008 Translation Agency Atrenda operates only over the Internet. We are at your service from 9 to 5 on workdays (GMT+02:00). You can send us an e-mail atrenda(at)atrenda.ee or call +372 744 1958.